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        chemical storage

        Storage and delivery to improve safety, minimize risk, and decrease waste

        At Univar Solutions, we understand you need to optimize every element of your business to win in the marketplace. Our MiniBulk service is a complete storage and delivery system that improves plant safety and productivity.

        Our team will provide your business with customized on-site storage, with tanks as small as 235 gallons available. We’ll help enhance facility safety, minimizing employee exposure to hazardous materials — your products are delivered by trained Univar Solutions specialists whose first priority is safety. Our double containment prevents uncontained spills and protects the environment. MiniBulk is a sustainable storage solution that helps facilities run more safely and smoothly.

        MiniBulk enhances productivity and reduces total cost of ownership. Drum and tote storage is eliminated, providing space for more operative usage. Since MiniBulk tanks are located at use points, we can help minimize the potential heavy lifting injuries related to moving drums or totes of chemicals across your plant. Additionally because there are no drum heel losses of residual product, you use every pound of product you buy.

        Key benefits of MiniBulk:

        1. Customize a solution based on your chemical handling and storage needs with our tanks ranging from 235 to 3,000 gallons.
        2. Protect your employees by minimizing risk of lifting-related injuries, as well as exposure to hazardous materials, and reduce the potential for uncontained spills
        3. Eliminate the need to handle drums or totes, and minimize wasted space dedicated to container storage
        4. Eliminate container deposits, rinse charges, and heel losses

        We can deliver a wide range of chemicals via MiniBulk. Contacts us today to learn more about how we can customize your onsite storage and delivery solution.

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